Mutual Learning Team Visited Bangladesh

Learning Visit to Bangladesh by Mutual Learning Team

Mutual Learning for Improving Health and Nutrition Scenario project of Rural Institution for Community Development (RICOD) is scheduled to travel to Bangladesh to learn about the implementing activities from the coordinating partner organization, Efforts for Rural Advancement, from both perspectives (programmatic and administrative) (ERA). From October 12 to October 18, 2022, five members of the project's team—the executive director, treasurer, public health officer, medical officer, and administrative staff—visited. The team gained some understanding of the local culture, language, environment, and procedures for carrying out projects. The team had the opportunity to visit a community clinic and a semi-public school, where people go for primary medical care and education, respectively. The political environment is similar to Nepal, where the government pays little attention to the enhancement of rural areas' infrastructure and health care. 

The team learnt that the tertiary level to primary level of health services starts from Medical College-Zilla-Upazilla-Union Health Clinic-Community Clinic. One community clinic covers almost 6,000 of the population, which implies there is high coverage of services.     A community clinic has been formed by the locals to open and operate despite government assistance. Satellite clinic functions same as Out Reach Clinic (ORC) of Nepal. Upazilla Health Clinic is identical to the health post of Nepal. 50 bedded in Upazilla Health clinic and 100 bedded in Zilla health institution. Screening program implementation in the school complements the result of the project. Very less female participation in the member group of the community clinic and High dropout rate in schools due to lack of awareness of education. Formation of the adolescent network by the private organization in the school where they meet each month to resolve current problems. The school has student committee where they look after the hygiene corner that is established by the project and supports the particular female student when in need during school hours. 


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