Organization and Management

      Policies, guidelines and best practices ensure relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and transparency of the organization.  A highly participatory management style makes use of RICOD member’s and its staff to build on its development experience and deep contextual analysis to ensure all essential functions are covered while staff are empowered in the same way as the primary focus groups.

    The programs/projects shall be managed from its office in Godawari municipality ward no. 11 Chapagaon, Lalitpur under the leadership of an Executive Director (ED), who is accountable to the RICOD Executive Committee (EC).  The EC is accountable to the General Assembly (GA). EC also formed Fraud Audit and Control Team (FACT) & Safe Guarding Committee (SGC) that are functional.

     A Project Management Committee (PMC) consists of Executive Director, head of each project and head of admin and finance section and is led by the Executive Director. Project implementation in the field is led by respective project coordinators. Monthly meetings for monitoring and planning purposes are conducted where all relevant staff participate actively. Technical consultants or advisors are hired as needed to provide expertise in the related field.

    For the efficient and effective functioning of the organization and its programs, RICOD has formulated and institutionalized a number of policies and guidelines. Also, there are three sub-committees, namely procurement sub-committee, stock verification sub-committee and account sub-committee to ensure transparency. RICOD shall continue to further strengthen its policies/guidelines and also develop new ones as needed.  RICOD has a schematic presentation of the RICOD management structure.  

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